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Gratitude Month: Annual Gratitude Challenge, November 1-30

NOVEMBER is GRATITUDE MONTH at the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life (CSRL)!

Every November we invite Vanderbilt students, staff, and faculty to participate in our Gratitude Challenge on Instagram (November 1- 30). We are invested in the total wellbeing and wholeness of our Vanderbilt community and want to see folks thrive individually and in community. We know that gratitude improves physical strength (fewer aches and pains, better sleep, reduces stress), psychological health (reduces toxic emotions, increases happiness), mental strength (fosters resilience, improves self-esteem), social and emotional health (enhances empathy and relationships, reduces aggression), etc.

We invite you to follow us on Instagram and TikTok @vuspirituallife and engage with gratitude in intentional ways this month and beyond.

 ~ ~ ~We will post daily prompts for you to engage with

 ~ ~ ~You just might win some great swag /prizes when you participate.

 ~~~All Vandy students, staff, and faculty can participate!

~~~Follow us on IG and TikTok @vuspirituallife

~~~Spread the word!

When you visit our partner offices on the days that we highlight them, you will be eligible to be entered into the drawing to win a grand prize at the end of the month!