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Proposal Examples

Dissertation Proposal

Examples of Previous Dissertation Proposals: We have also asked some of our current and former graduate students to make their Dissertation Proposals available for other students to look at. We thank those individuals for making these available as well. Note that these are only accessible from a Vanderbilt IP address.

NOTE: These examples of dissertation proposals are for the exclusive use of the graduate students in Psychological Sciences at Vanderbilt University. They cannot be distributed, cited or quoted without the express permission of the authors.

Emily Grossman (Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience), Neural areas involved in experiencing biological motion

Chai-Youn Kim (Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience / Neuroscience), Perceptual nature and neural mechanisms of color-graphemic synesthesia

Moria Smoski (Clinical Science), Infant-directed speech of depressed mothers: An intervention