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Weiqiang (Tom) Qian

Ph.D Candidate
Research Area: Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience
Quantitative Methods

I study the finer details of the appraisal processes in emotion experiences.

SPSP data blitz: emotion and appraisals analysis from voice  

I welcome any collaborative ideas. Link to slides:!AqWvZdftZ0ENgZcAempZVuRgUSptuQ

I am interested in further developing the appraisal theory for explaining human emotion experiences. The theory, which has been in existence for long, still requires elucidation on theoretical details and experimental validation of various sub-components. My past experimental design experiences enable me to tackle questions in affective science with stringent logic, while my education in quantitative methods allows me to explore appraisal theory issues with a broad repertoire of statistical tools. 

Some interesting little webapps for visualizing appraisal-emotion relationship:

Emotion calculator:

Emotion surfaceplot:

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