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Rebecca Cox

Graduate Student
Research Area: Clinical Science

The role of sleep in the etiology, maintenance, and treatment of anxiety disorders

Lab Website

Representative Publications

Cox, R.C. & Olatunji, B.O. (in press). Linking insomnia and OCD symptoms during the coronavirus pandemic: Examination of prospective associations. Journal of Anxiety Disorders.

Cox, R.C. & Olatunji, B.O. (in press). Eveningness predicts negative affect following sleep restriction. Behavior Therapy.

Cox, R.C., Jessup, S.C., Luber, M.J., & Olatunji, B.O. (in press). Pre-pandemic disgust proneness predicts increased coronavirus anxiety and safety behaviors: Evidence for a diathesis-stress model. Journal of Anxiety Disorders.

Cox, R.C. & Olatunji, B.O. (2020). Sleep in the anxiety-related disorders: A meta-analysis of subjective and objective research. Sleep Medicine Reviews, 51, 101282.

Cox, R.C., Upender, R.P., & Olatunji, B.O. (in press). Linking inhibition and anxiety symptoms following sleep restriction: The moderating role of prior sleep efficiency. Behaviour Therapy and Research.

Cox, R.C., Taylor, S., Strachan, E., & Olatunji, B.O. (in press). Insomnia and posttraumatic stress symptoms: Evidence of shared etiology. Psychiatry Research

Cox, R.C., Parmar, A.M., & Olatunji, B.O. (2019). Sleep in obsessive-compulsive and related disorders: A selective review and synthesis. Current Opinion in Psychology, 34, 23-26.

Cox, R.C., Jessup, S., & Olatunji, B.O. (2019). Executive dysfunction and emotion dysregulation explain the effects of sleep disturbance on repetitive negative thinking. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 43, 995-1004.

Cox, R.C. & Olatunji, B.O. (2019). Differential associations between chronotype, anxiety, and negative affect: A structural equation modeling approach. Journal of Affective Disorders, 257, 321-330.

Cox, R.C. & Olatunji, B.O. (2019). Circadian rhythms in obsessive-compulsive disorder: Recent findings and recommendations for future research. Current Psychiatry Reports, 21:54.

Cox, R.C., Sterba, S.K., Cole, D.A., Upender, R.P. & Olatunji, B.O. (2018). Time of day effects on the relationship between daily sleep and anxiety: An ecological momentary assessment approach. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 111, 44-51.

Cox, R.C., McIntyre, W.A., & Olatunji, B.O. (2018). Interactive effects of sleep disturbance and trauma exposure on PTSD: Examination of symptom specificity. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy, 10, 508-514.

Cox, R.C., Jessup, S., & Olatunji, B.O. (2018). Sleep disturbance in obsessive-compulsive disorder: Preliminary evidence for a mechanistic relationship. Current Sleep Medicine Reports, 2, 89-93.

Cox, R.C., Tuck, B.M., & Olatunji, B.O. (2018). The role of eveningness in obsessive-compulsive symptoms: Cross-sectional and prospective approaches. Journal of Affective Disorders, 235, 448-455.

Cox, R.C., Cole, D.A., Kramer, E.L., & Olatunji, B.O. (2018). Prospective associations between sleep disturbance and repetitive negative thinking: The mediating roles of focusing and shifting attentional control. Behavior Therapy, 49, 21-31.

Cox, R.C., Tuck, B.M., & Olatunji, B.O. (2017). Sleep disturbance in posttraumatic stress disorder: Epiphenomenon or causal factor? Current Psychiatry Reports, 19:22.

Cox, R.C. & Olatunji, B.O. (2017). Linking attentional control and PTSD symptom severity: The role of rumination. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, 46, 421-431.

Cox, R.C., Ebesutani, C., & Olatunji, B.O. (2016). Linking sleep disturbance and maladaptive repetitive thought: The role of executive function. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 40, 107-117.

Cox, R.C. & Olatunji, B.O. (2016). Sleep disturbance and obsessive-compulsive symptoms: Results from the National Comorbidity Survey Replication. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 75, 41-45.

Cox, R.C. & Olatunji, B.O. (2016). A systematic review of sleep disturbance in anxiety and related disorders. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 37, 104-129.



National Institute of Mental Health

Grant: 1F31MH113271-01A1 (3 years; $84,227)

Title: Sleep disturbance, inhibition, and stress: A transdiagnostic approach to OCD

Role: Primary Investigator                Mentor: Bunmi O. Olatunji, PhD