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Phillip Newman

Research Area: Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience

I am currently researching cue combination in spatial navigation. That is, I am interested in how individuals combine various sources of information to effectively navigate in the world. For example, my ongoing projects investigate how individuals weight sensory cues during navigational homing tasks. I also collaborate with the Learning and Performance Lab at the University of Louisville to investigate optimal ways to implement exploratory learning activites in the classroom.

Representative Publications

Newman, P. M., Cox, G. E., & McNamara, T. P. (in prep). A computational model of spatial memory: judgements of relative direction.

Newman, P. M. & McNamara, T. P. (in prep). Methodological difference in spatial cue integration.

Newman, P. M. & McNamara, T. P. (under review). Integration of visual landmark cues in spatial memory.

Ciurea, S. A., Maxcey, A. M., & Newman, P. M. (under review). Why do we choke under pressure?

Newman, P. M. & DeCaro, M. S. (2019). Learning by exploring: how much guidance is optimal? Learning and Instruction, 62, 49-63.

Newman, P. M. & DeCaro, M. S. (2018). How much support is optimal during exploratory learning? Proceedings of the 40th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. Madison, WI: Cognitive Science Society.


Vanderbilt Graduate Student Travel Grant (2020)

Psychonomics Graduate Student Travel Award (2019)

Vanderbilt Department of Psychology Graduate Student Scholarship (2019)

Glushko Student Travel Award (2018)

Virginia B. Seely Outstanding Psychology Senior Award (2018)

Amber Heuerman Research Travel Fund (2017)

Undergraduate Research Grant, University of Louisville (2016)