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Patrick OKeefe

Graduate Student
Research Area: Quantitative Methods

Quantitative methods, flynn effect, child behavior problems

At Vanderbilt University my substantive research has been on the gradual rise in population IQ scores over time, i.e. the Flynn Effect. In addition I have looked at other longitudinal increases potentially related to the Flynn effect (e.g., changes in the home environment).

My methodological interests are in multilevel models, behavioral genetic models, bootstrapping, longitudinal data and family data. In particular I have looked at using centering methods in multilevel models to answer specific questions about longitudinal change. I have also looked at bootstrapping methods for the creation of confidence intervals in DeFries Fulker behavioral genetic models and have created an R package for that purpose. I have been working on research in these areas with my advisor, Dr. Joe Rodgers.

Prior to attending Vanderbilt I worked as a research assistant at the Youth with Problematic Sexual Behaviors (YPSB) lab and the Teacher Child Interaction Training (TCIT) lab located at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center-Center on Child Abuse and Neglect. My primary responsibilities were data management and analysis.

Representative Publications


O'Keefe, P., Rodgers, J. L. (2017, September) Double Decomposition of Level-1 Variables in Multilevel Models: An Analysis of the Flynn Effect in the NSLY Data. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 630-647. doi:10.1080/00273171.2017.1354758


O’Keefe, P., Rodgers, J. L. (2018, Oct). The Corrosive Influence of the Flynn Effect on Age Normed Tests. Poster presented at the Society for Multivariate Behavioral Research Annual Conference, Albuquerque, NM.

O’Keefe, P., Rodgers, J. L. (2018, June). Bootstrap Confidence Interval Methods for DeFries-Fulker Models. Poster presented at the Behavioral Genetics Association Annual Meeting, Boston, MA.

O’Keefe, P., Rodgers, J. L. (2017, May). An Analysis of the Home Observation Measurement of the Environment: An Empirical Test of the Parental-Executive Model. Poster presented at the Association for Psychological Science Annual Conference, Boston, MA.

O’Keefe, P., Rodgers, J. L. (2016, May). A Multilevel Decomposition of the Flynn Effect. Poster presented at the Association for Psychological Science Annual Conference, Chicago, IL.



O'Keefe, P. (2016). Omisc: Univariate Bootstrapping and Other Things. R package version 0.1.0.

O'Keefe, P. (2016). ParallelTree: Parallel Tree. R package version 0.1.1.


Honorable Mention - NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, 2016
Graduated with Special Distinction - University of Oklahoma, 2014