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Nicholas Tippenhauer

Graduate Student
Research Area: Developmental Science

language development; word learning; language production; cognitive development

Nick is interested in language acquisition, development, and production. He is particularly interested in what information young children attend to and remember when they are exposed to a new word. In addition, Nick researches children's questions about word meanings and differences in how speakers talk to children and adults. 


Lab Website

Representative Publications

Tippenhauer, N., Fourakis, E. R., Watson, D. G., & Lew-Williams, C. (2020). The scope of audience design in child-directed speech: Parents’ tailoring of word lengths for adult versus child listeners. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 46(11), 2163–2178

Tippenhauer, N., Sun, Y., Jimenez, S. R., Green, M., & Saylor, M. M. (2020). Developmental differences in preschoolers’ definition assessment and production. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 199, 104925

Tippenhauer, N., & Saylor, M. M. (2019). Effects of context variability on 2-year-olds’ fact and word learning. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology179, 248–259.




Julius Seeman Graduate Student Award, Vanderbilt University

2016 Senior Thesis Prize in Linguistics, Princeton University 

Princeton University Program in Linguistics Research Funding ($2250)

Princeton University Office of the Dean of the College Thesis Funding ($2150)