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Mathieu Servant

Post doctoral fellow
Research Area: Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience

Decision-making, motor control, computational modeling, human electrophysiology

I was born and raised in Auvergne (France). After some violin studies in Lyon and Paris schools of music, I moved to cognitive neuroscience. I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at Vanderbilt University.

Representative Publications

Servant, M., Tillman, G., Schall, J. D., Logan, G. D., & Palmeri, T. J. (in prep). neurally-constrained modeling of speed-accuracy tradeoff during visual search: Gated accumulation of modulated evidence. 

Servant, M., van Wouwe, N., Wylie, S., & Logan, G. D (in press). A model-based quantification of action control in Parkinson's disease. Neuropsychologia

Servant, M., Gajdos, T., & Davranche, K. (in press). ELF: A new measure of response capture. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review

Servant, M., Cassey, P., Woodman, G. F., & Logan, G. D. (in press). Neural bases of automaticity. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, & Cognition

White*, C. N., Servant*, M., & Logan, G. D. (2017 *equal contribution). Practical considerations for using conflict-based diffusion models to interpret choice RT data. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review

Spieser, L., Servant, M., Hasbroucq, T., & Burle, B (2016). Beyond decision! Motor contribution to speed-accuracy tradeoff. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review

Servant, M., White, C. N., Montagnini, A., & Burle, B (2016). Linking theoretical decision-making mechanisms in the Simon task with electrophysiological data: a model-based neuroscience study in humans. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

Servant, M., White, C. N., Montagnini, A., & Burle, B. (2015). Using covert response activation to test latent assumptions of formal decision-making models. Journal of Neuroscience

Servant, M., Montagnini, A., & Burle, B. (2014). Conflict tasks and the diffusion framework: insight in model constraints based on psychological laws. Cognitive Psychology

Burle, B., Spieser, L., Servant, M., & Hasbroucq, T. (2014). Distributional reaction time properties in the Eriksen task: marked differences or hidden similarities with the Simon task? Psychonomic Bulletin & Review


Early career publication award (2015) from the European Society for Cognitive Psychology