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Maria Osina

Lecturer in Psychology and Human Development

Research interests:

The role of cognitive, social, memory and motor development in infant language comprehension.

Representative Publications

Osina, M. A., Needham, A. W., & Saylor, M. M. (2020). Twelve‐Month‐Old Infants Respond to Speech About Absent Inaccessible Objects. Child development91(4), 1353-1363.

Osina, M. A., Saylor, M. M., & Ganea, P. A. (2018). Infants use category label knowledge to interpret absent reference. Infancy23(5), 650-673.

Osina, M. A., Saylor, M. M., & Ganea, P. A. (2017). Out of reach, out of mind? Infants’ comprehension of references to hidden inaccessible objects. Child development88(5), 1572-1580.

Saylor, M. M., Osina, M., Tassin, T., Rose, R., & Ganea, P. (2016). Creature feature: Preschoolers use verbal descriptions to identify referents. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology152, 205-220.

Osina, M.A., Saylor, M.M., & Ganea, P.A. (2014). Object locations, identity and absent reference understanding at 12 months. Infancy19(1), 65-81.

Osina, M.A., Saylor, M.M., & Ganea, P.A. (2013). When familiar is not better: 12-month-old infants respond to talk about absent objects. Developmental Psychology49(1), 138-145.