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Margaret Shavlik

Doctoral Candidate
Research Area: Developmental Science

Early literacy, achievement gaps, parent-child interaction

I am interested in how early factors such as literacy and socioeconomic status impact children’s cognitive abilities across development.

Currently, I am working on identifying and evaluating potential strategies to scaffold children’s literacy and language skills.

Lab Website

Representative Publications

Booth, A. E., Shavlik, M., & Haden, C. A. (2020). Parents’ causal talk: Links to children’s causal stance and emerging scientific literacy. Developmental Psychology, 56(11), 2055-2064.

Shavlik, M., Davis-Kean, P. E., Schwab, J. F., & Booth, A. E. (2020). Early word-learning skills: A missing link in understanding the vocabulary gap? Developmental Science, 24(2).

Shavlik, M., Bauer, J.-R., & Booth, A. E. (2020). Children’s preference for causal information in storybooks. Frontiers in Developmental Psychology, 11(666)