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Madison Lee

Doctoral Candidate
Research Area: Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience

Visual Cognition, Self-regulation, Technology-Enhanced Learning

I explore how constraints of basic cognitive and perceptual processing influence learning in applied educational contexts.

Representative Publications

1. Lee, M. & Levin, D. (2024). Temporal flexibility in event perception: Small temporal disruptions in multimodal events do not interfere with event perception. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. Advance online publication.

2. Lee, M., Jaeger, C., & Levin, D. (2023). When searching helps you see: Bridging the gap between incidental and intentional change detection. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance. 49(8), 1158.

3. Vatral, C., Cohn, C., Lee, M., … & Holt, J. E. (2023). A Tale of Two Nurses: Studying Groupwork in Nurse Training by Analyzing Taskwork Roles, Social Interactions, and Self-Efficacy. In ISLS 2023: 3rd Annual Meeting of the International Society of the Learning Sciences.

4. Davalos, E., Vatral, C., Cohn, C., Horn Fonteles, J., Biswas, G., Mohammed, N., Lee, M., & Levin, D. (2023, March). Identifying Gaze Behavior Evolution via Temporal Fully-Weighted Scanpath Graphs. In LAK23: 13th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference (pp. 476-487).

5. Levin, D. T., Mattarella-Micke, A., Lee, M., Baker, L. J., Bezdek, M. A., & McCandliss, B. D. (2022). How Movie Events Engage Childrens’ Brains to Combine Visual Attention with Domain-Specific Processing Involving Number and Theory of Mind in a Cinematic Arena. Projections, 16(1), 67-83.