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Lénie Torregrossa

Graduate Student
Research Area: Clinical Science

My research focuses on socio-emotional deficits and bodily self disturbances in the schizophrenia spectrum.

Lab Website

Representative Publications

Torregrossa, LJ., Bian, D., Wade, J., Adery, L., Ichinose, M., Nichols, H., Bekele, E., Sarkar, N., & Park, S. (2019). Decoupling of Spontaneous Facial Mimicry from Emotion Recognition in Schizophrenia. Psychiatry Research, 275,169-176.

Torregrossa, LJ., Snodgress, M., Hong, SJ., Nichols, HS., Blain, SD., Glerean, E. Nummenmaa, L., & Park, S. (2018). Anomalous Bodily Sensation of Emotions in Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Bulletin.

Adery, L*., H., Ichinose, M.*, Torregrossa, LJ.*, J., Wade, J., Nichols, H., Bekele, E., Bian, D., Granholm, E., & Park, S. (2018). The acceptability and feasibility of a novel virtual reality based social skills training game for schizophrenia: Preliminary findings. Psychiatry research, 270, 496-502.