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Kristopher J. Preacher

Lois Autrey Betts Chair in Education & Human Development
Associate Chair, Dept. of Psychology & Human Development

Dr. Preacher is a Professor in the Quantitative Methods program. His research concerns the use (and combination) of structural equation modeling and multilevel modeling to model correlational and longitudinal data. Other interests include developing techniques to test mediation and moderation hypotheses, bridging the gap between substantive theory and statistical practice, and studying model evaluation and model selection in the application of multivariate methods to social science questions. He serves on the editorial boards of Multivariate Behavioral Research, Behavior Research Methods, Communication Methods and Measures, and Journal of Educational & Behavioral Statistics, and is an associate editor of Psychological Methods.

Representative Publications

Deboeck, P. R., Cole, D. A., Preacher, K. J., Forehand, R., & Compas, B. E. (2021). Modeling dynamic processes with panel data: An application of continuous time models to prevention research. International Journal of Behavioral Development, 45, 28-39.

Zyphur, M. J., Hamaker, E. L., Tay, L., Voelkle, M., Preacher, K. J., Zhang, Z., Allison, P. D., Pierides, D. C., Koval, P., & Diener, E. F. (2021). From data to causes III: Bayesian priors for general cross-lagged panel models (GCLM). Frontiers in Psychology, 12, 112.

Rights, J. D., Preacher, K. J., & Cole, D. A. (2020). The danger of conflating level-specific effects of control variables when primary interest lies in level-2 effects. British Journal of Mathematical & Statistical Psychology, 73, 194-211.

Petrova, K., Nevarez, M. D., Waldinger, R. J., Preacher, K. J., & Schulz, M. S. (2021). Self-distancing and avoidance mediate the links between trait mindfulness and responses to emotional challenges. Mindfulness, 12, 947-958.

Petrova, K., Nevarez, M. D., Rice, J., Waldinger, R. J., Preacher, K. J., & Schulz, M. S. (2021). Coherence between feelings and heart rate: Links to early adversity and responses to stress. Affective Science, 2, 1-13.

Fuchs, L. S., Wang, A. Y., Preacher, K. J., Malone, A. S., Fuchs, D., & Pachmayr, R. (2021). Addressing challenging mathematics standards with at-risk learners: A randomized controlled trial on the effects of fractions intervention at third grade. Exceptional Children, 87, 163-182.

Youngren, W. A., Hamilton, N. A., & Preacher, K. J. (2020). Assessing triggers of posttrauma nightmares. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 33, 511-520.

Zyphur, M. J., Voelkle, M. C., Tay, L., Allison, P. D., Preacher, K. J., Zhang, Z., Hamaker, E. L., Shamsollahi, A., Pierides, D. C., Koval, P., & Diener, E. (2020). From data to causes II: Comparing approaches to panel data analysis. Organizational Research Methods, 23, 688-716.

Zyphur, M. J., Allison, P. D., Tay, L., Voelkle, M. C., Preacher, K. J., Zhang, Z., Hamaker, E. L., Shamsollahi, A., Pierides, D. C., Koval, P., & Diener, E. (2020). From data to causes I: Building a general cross-lagged panel model (GCLM). Organizational Research Methods, 23, 651-687.

Liebmann, E. P., Preacher, K. J., Richter, K. P., Cupertino, A. P., & Catley, D. (2019). Identifying pathways to quitting smoking via telemedicine-delivered care. Health Psychology, 38, 638-647.

Morrill, M. I., Schulz, M. S., Nevarez, M. D., Preacher, K. J., & Waldinger, R. J. (2019). Assessing within- and between-family variations in an expanded measure of childhood adversity. Psychological Assessment, 31, 660-673.

Zhang, G., Preacher, K. J., Hattori, M., Jiang, G., & Trichtinger, L. A. (2019). A sandwich standard error estimator for exploratory factor analysis with nonnormal data and imperfect models. Applied Psychological Measurement, 43, 360-373.

Scheuermann, T. S., Preacher, K. J., Carlini, B. H., Bush, T., Magnusson, B., Nazir, N., & Richter, K. P. (2019). Predictors of engagement in post-discharge quitline counseling among hospitalized smokers. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 42, 139-149.

Preacher, K. J., & Sterba, S. K. (2019). Aptitude × treatment interactions in research on educational interventions. Exceptional Children, 85, 248-264.

Murphy, L. K., Preacher, K. J., Rights, J. D.*, Rodriguez, E., Bemis, H., Desjardins, L., Prussien, K., Winning, A. M., Gerhardt, C. A., Vannatta, K., & Compas, B. (2018). Maternal communication  in childhood cancer: Factor analysis and relation to maternal distress. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 43, 1114-1127.

Rights, J. D.*, Sterba, S. K., Cho, S.-J., & Preacher, K. J. (2018). Addressing model uncertainty in item response theory person scores through model averaging. Behaviormetrika, 45, 495-503.

Bettis, A. H., Forehand, R., Sterba, S. K., Preacher, K. J., & Compas, B. E. (2018). Anxiety and depression in children of depressed parents: Dynamics of change in a preventive intervention. Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology, 47, 581-594.

Lachowicz, M. J.*, Preacher, K. J., & Kelley, K. (2018). A novel measure of effect size for mediation analysis. Psychological Methods, 23, 244-261.

* Current or former Quantitative student.