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Kacie Dougherty

Graduate Student
Research Area: Neuroscience

Lab Website

Representative Publications

Dougherty, K., Cox, M.A., Ninomiya, T., Leopold, D.A. & Maier, A. (2015) Ongoing alpha activity in V1 regulates visually driven spiking responses. Cereb Cortex (in press)

Ninomiya, T., Dougherty, K., Godlove, D.C., Schall, J.D. & Maier, A. (2015) Microcircuitry of agranular frontal cortex: contrasting laminar connectivity between occipital and frontal areas. J. Neurophysiol. 113:3242-3255

Maier, A., Cox, M.A., Dougherty, K., Moore, B. & Leopold, D.A. (2014) Anisotropy of ongoing neural activity in primate visual cortex. Eye and Brain 6(1):113-120


Elsevier/Vision Research Travel Award, Vision Sciences Society 2015

Fine Science Tools Student Travel Award, 2014

Lisa M. Quesenberry Foundation Award, 2013