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Justine Hoch

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Human Development

Justine Hoch is an Assistant Professor of Psychology and Human Development who studies exploratory behavior, learning, and the development of perception-action systems in early childhood. 

Lab Website

Representative Publications

*Hoch, J., *Ossmy, O., Cole, W.G., Hasan, S., & Adolph, K. (2021). “Dancing” together: Infant-mother locomotor synchrony. Child Development, 92, 1337-1353.

Hoch, J., Rachwani, J., & Adolph, K. (2020). Where infants go: Real-time dynamics of locomotor exploration in crawling and walking infants. Child Development, 91, 1001-1020.

Adolph, K., & Hoch, J. (2019). Motor development: Embodied, embedded, enculturated, and enabling. Annual Review of Psychology, 70, 141-164

Hoch, J., O’Grady, S., & Adolph, K. (2019). It’s the journey, not the destination: Locomotor exploration in infants. Developmental Science, 22, e12740.

*Ossmy, O., *Hoch, J., MacAlpine, P., Hasan, S., Stone, P., & Adolph, K. (2018). Variety wins: Soccer-playing robots and infant walking. Frontiers in Neurorobotics, 12, 19