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Joseph S. Lappin

Research Professor of Psychology

Lappin conducts research on human visual perception: How does knowledge of the surrounding world_solid objects and meaningful events in 3D spaces_derive from patterns of light on the eyes?  Current R&D: Quantifying the channel capacity of conscious visual recognition of salient information. 

Lab Website

Representative Publications

Top cited:
  • Tadin, D., Kim, J., Doop, M.L., Gibson, C., Lappin, J.S., Blake, R., & Park, S. (2006). Weakened center-surround interactions in motion processing in schizophrenia. The Journal of Neuroscience, 26, 11403-11412.
  • Tadin, D., Lappin, J.S., Gilroy, L.A., & Blake, R. (2003). Perceptual consequences of centre-surround antagonism in visual motion processing. Nature, 424, 312-315
  •  Lappin, J. S., & Eriksen, C. W. (1966).  Use of a delayed signal to stop a visual reaction time response.  Journal of Experimental Psychology, 72, 805-811.

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