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Jessika C. Boles

Assistant Professor of the Practice

Lab Website

Representative Publications

Goldberg, J., Rose, K., Mathews, O., & Boles, J. (2022). Little time, lasting impact: Bereaved parent perceptions of legacy in perinatal and infant loss. Journal of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine. doi: 10.3233/NPM-210897.

Jones, M.J., Boles, J.C., Dunbar, J.E., & Cook, J.L. (2022).  Parent/caregiver perceptions of legacy in the hospital setting: A qualitative study.  Accepted for publication in Pediatric Nursing, 48(2), 59-67.

Turner, J., & Boles, J.C. (2021). Group play in hospitals: Child life playrooms. In C. Mellenthin, J. Stone, & R.J. Grant (Eds.), Implementing play therapy with groups: Contemporary issues in practice, pp. 120-132, Routledge.

Goldberg, J.M., Duplechain, A.C., Fraser, C.E., & Boles, J.C. (2021).  An interdisciplinary hospital-based committee for improving pediatric bereavement care. Hospital Pediatrics, 11(11), 1287-1294.

Daniels, S., Burns-Nader, S., & Boles, J.C. (2021). Research methods for child life specialists. NewCastle Upon Tyne, UK; Cambridge Scholars.

Boles, J.C., Potter, C.M., & Mora, K.L. (2021, Spring). Family-centered engagement in ICU liberation: The contributions of Certified Child Life Specialists.  Critical Connections, 28-30.

Boles, J.C., & Jones, M.T. (2021). Legacy perceptions and interventions for adults and children receiving palliative care: A systematic review. Palliative Medicine, 35(3), 529-551.

Boles, J.C., & Turner, J. (2021).  Empirical evolution of child life from 1998-2017:  A scoping review of child life content in published research. The Journal of Child Life: Psychosocial Theory and Practice, 2(1), 1-10.

Jones, M., Kirkendall, M., Grissim, L., Daniels, S., & Boles, J.C. (2020).  Exploration of the relationship between a group medical play intervention and children's preoperative fear and anxiety. Journal of Pediatric Health Care, 35(1), 74-83.

Grissim, L., Kirkendall, M., Jones, M., & Boles, J.C. (2020).  Group medical play and children’s self-reported fear in the pre-operative setting. The Journal of Child Life: Psychosocial Theory and Practice, 1(2), 7-15.

Boles, J.C., Jones, M.J., Dunbar, J.E., & Cook, J.L. (2020).  Defining legacy: The perceptions of pediatric healthcare providers.  Clinical Pediatrics, 59(11), 1004-1010.

Turner, J., & Boles, J.C. (2020).  A content analysis of professional literature in the Association of Child Life Professionals’ Focus: 1999-2019.  The Journal of Child Life: Psychosocial Theory and Practice, 1(1), 7-16.

Fraser, C., Gray, S.B., & Boles, J.C. (2019).  Patient awake while scanned: Program to reduce the need for anesthesia in pediatric MRI.  Pediatric Nursing, 45(6), 283-288. 

Boles, J.C., & Daniels, S.A. (2019).  Researching the experiences of children and youth with cancer: Considerations for practice.  Children, 6(8), 93-104.

Boles, J.C., & Winsor, D.L. (2019).  "My school is where my friends are": Interpreting the drawings of children with cancer.  Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 33(2), 1-17.

Boles, J.C. (2018).  The powerful practice of distraction. Pediatric Nursing, 44(5), 247-253.

Boles, J.C. (2018).  Treading carefully: Conducting qualitative research with children that have cancer. Journal of Ethnographic and Qualitative Research, 32, 62-77.


Professional Research Award, the Association of Child Life Professionals, 2021

Professional Research Award, the Association of Child Life Professionals, 2016

Boles, J.C. (2019, January).  Creating a value proposition for child life services. Association of Child Life Professionals in conjunction with the Walt Disney Corporation.

Grissom, S.M., Mandrell, B., Browne, E., Boles, J.C., Cantrell, KC., Bailey, K. R., Kennedy, Yuan, Y., & Lekhy, C. (2013, December). The impact of a play-based procedural preparation and support intervention on children undergoing cranial radiation for treatment of a central nervous system tumor. Child Life Council, Inc.