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James Steiger

Professor of Psychology and Human Development, Emeritus

Professor Steiger's research interests are (1) multivariate correlational methods, especially factor analysis, structural equation modeling, and methods for comparing and evaluating correlations, (2) power analysis and precision analysis, (3) the use of confidence intervals and tests of close fit to evaluate the fit of statistical models, (4) development of models for the distribution of multivariate statistical tests, and (5) development of statistical software.

Representative Publications

  • Steiger, J.H. (2004). Beyond the F test: Effect size confidence intervals and tests of close fit in the analysis of variance and contrast analysis. Psychological Methods, 9, 164-182.
  • Steiger, J. H. (2004). Paul Meehl and the evolution of statistical methods in psychology. Applied and Preventive Psychology, 11, 69-72.
  • Steiger, J.H. (2004). Comparing correlations. In A. Maydeu-Olivares (Ed.) Psychometrics. A festschrift to Roderick P. McDonald. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, in press.
  • Steiger, J.H. (2002). When constraints interact: A caution about reference variables, identification constraints, and scale dependencies in structural equation modeling. Psychological Methods, 7, 210-227.


  • Samuel J. Messick Award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions; American Psychological Association Division 5
  • Raymond B. Cattell Award for multivariate Experimental Research; Society for Multivariate Experimental Psychology
  • Killam Research Prize for contributions to multivariate statistical methods; University of British Columbia