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Jacob Westerberg

Doctoral Candidate
Research Area: Neuroscience

Microcircuitry of Visual Attention and Adaptation

Representative Publications

(7) Westerberg J. A., Maier A., and Schall J. D. (2019) Priming of Attentional Selection in Visual Cortex: Feature-based Facilitation and Location-based Inhibition of Return. eNeuro, accepted.

(6) Westerberg J. A., Maier A., Woodman G. F., and Schall J. D. (2019). Performance Monitoring During Visual Priming. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, in press.

(5) Cox M. A., Dougherty K., Westerberg J. A., Schall M. S., and Maier A. (2019). Temporal Dynamics of Binocular Integration in Primary Visual Cortex. Journal of Vision, 19(12):1-13.

(4) Westerberg J. A., Cox M. A., Dougherty K., and Maier A. (2019). V1 Microcircuit Dynamics: Altered Signal Propagation Suggests Intracortical Origins for Adaptation in Response to Visual Repetition. Journal of Neurophysiology, 121(5):1938-1952.

(3) *Dougherty K. D., *Cox M. A., Westerberg J. A., and Maier A. (2019). Binocular Modulation of Monocular V1 Neurons. Current Biology, 29(3):381-391.

(2) Cox M. A., Dougherty K., Adams G. K., Reavis E. A., Westerberg J. A., Moore B. S., Leopold D. A., and Maier A. (2019). Spiking Suppression Precedes Cued Attentional Enhancement of Neural Responses in Primary Visual Cortex. Cerebral Cortex, 29(1):77-90.

(1) Crisp K. M., *Sutter E. N., and *Westerberg J. A. (2015). Pencil and Paper Neural Networks: An Undergraduate Laboratory Exercise in Computational Neuroscience. The Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education, 14(1):13-22.


2018, Nvidia GPU Grant (Nvidia Corporation)

2017, NRSA Predoctoral Fellowship (NEI, VVRC)

2017, Fine Science Tools Travel Award (Fine Science Tools, Inc.)

2016, Ken Bonde Award (St. Olaf College)

2016, Collaborative Undergraduate Research and Inquiry Travel Award (St. Olaf College)

2015, Department of Psychology Research Award (St. Olaf College)   

2015, Grass Foundation Travel Award (Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience)

2014, Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting Travel Award (Society for Neuroscience)

2013, Collaborative Undergraduate Research and Inquiry Travel Award (St. Olaf College)

2013, Piper Center for Vocation and Career Grant Award (St. Olaf College)