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Gavin R Price

Associate Professor of Psychology and Human Development

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Representative Publications

Peer Reviewed Articles

Yeo, D.J., Wilkey, E.D., & Price, G.R. (2017). The search for the number form area: A functional neuroimaging meta-analysis. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews. DOI: 10.1016/j.neubiorev.2017.04.027

Price, G.R., Yeo, D.J., Wilkey, E.D., & Cutting, L.E. (2017). Prospective Relations between Resting-State Connectivity of Parietal Subdivisions and Math Competence.

Price, G.R., Wilkey, E.D., Yeo, D.J (2017). Eye-movement patterns during nonsymbolic and symbolic numerical magnitude comparison and their relation to math calculation skills. Acta Psychologica 176, 47-57

Wilkey, E.D., Cutting, L.E. & Price, G.R.* (2017). Neuroanatomical Correlates of Performance in a State-Wide Test of Math Achievement. Developmental Science.

Price, G. R., & Fuchs, L. S. (2016). The mediating relation between symbolic and nonsymbolic foundations of math competence. PloS one11(2), e0148981.

Price, G.R., Wilkey, E.D., Yeo, D.J., & Cutting, L.E. (2016). The relation between 1st grade grey matter volume and 2nd grade math competence. Neuroimage 124, 232-237.

Lyons, I.M., Price, G.R., Vaessen, A., Blomert, L., & Ansari., D. (In Press). Numerical Predictors of Arithmetic Success in Grades 1-6. Developmental Science.

Price, G.R., & Ansari, D. (2013). Dyscalculia: Characteristics, Causes & Treatments. Numeracy, 6(1), Article 2.        

Price, G.R., Mazzocco, MM. & Ansari, D. (2013). Why mental arithmetic counts: brain activation during single digit arithmetic predicts high-school math scores. The Journal of Neuroscience, 33(1):156 –163

Matejko, A., Price, G.R., Mazzocco, M.M.M., & Ansari, D. (2013). Individual differences in left parietal white matter predict math scores on the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test. Neuroimage. 66, 604-610.

Bugden, S., Price, G.R., McLean, A. & Ansari, D. (2012). The role of the left intraparietal sulcus in the relationship between symbolic number processing and children’s arithmetic competence. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience,  2 (4), 448–457

Price, G.R., Palmer, D., Battista, C. & Ansari, D. (2012) Nonsymbolic numerical magnitude comparison: Reliability and validity of different task variants and outcome measures, and their relationship to arithmetic achievement in adults. Acta Psychologica, 140(1), 50-57.

Price, G.R. & Ansari, D. (2012). Developmental Dyscalculia: A case for neuroscience in education. British Journal of Educational Psychology.

Price G.R. & Ansari, D. (2011). Category Specific Processing of Arabic Digits in the Left Angular Gyrus. Neuroimage, 73(3), 1205-1211.

Crinion, J.T., Green, D.W., Chung, R., Ali, N., Grogan, A., Price, G.R., Mechelli, A., Price, C.J. (2009). Neuroanatomical markers of speaking Chinese. Human Brain Mapping,30 (12), 4108-4115.

Holloway, I.D., Price, G.R. & Ansari, D. (2010) Common and segregated neural pathways for the processing of symbolic and nonsymbolic numerical magnitude: an fMRI study. NeuroImage, 49, 1006-17.

Price, G.R., Holloway, I., Vesterinen, M., Rasanen, P. & Ansari, D. (2007). Impaired parietal magnitude processing in Developmental Dyscalculia. Current Biology, 17(24), R1024-3.


Book Chapters & Encyclopedia Entries


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Price, G. R. (2011). Commentary on numeracy difficulties and disorders. Encyclopedia of Language and Literacy Development (pp. 1-6). London, ON: Canadian Language and

Literacy Research Network.

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