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Brian Bernstein

Graduate Student
Research Area: Quantitative Methods

talent development, STEM innovation, profound giftedness, eminence

Lab Website

Representative Publications

Lubinski, D., Benbow, C. P., McCabe, K. O., & Bernstein, B. O. (under review). Human accomplishment foretold by early signs of talent.


Bernstein, B. O., Lubinski, D., & Benbow, C. P. (2020). Academic acceleration in gifted youth and fruitless concerns regarding psychological well-being: A 35-year longitudinal study. Journal of Educational Psychology. Advance online publication.

Media Mention: The Wall Street Journal (17/09/2020)


Bernstein, B. O., Lubinski, D., & Benbow, C. P. (2019). Psychological constellations assessed at age 13 predict distinct forms of eminence 35 years later. Psychological Science, 30, 444-454.

Media Mention: Education Week (15/04/2019)

Media Mention: National Association for Gifted Children NewsSource (23/04/2019)


National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow (2017-2022)

Vanderbilt University Graduate Fellowship (2016-2021)

Peabody Dean’s Fellowship (2016)

Magna Cum Laude (2016)

Neuroscience Departmental Honors -- with highest distinction (2016)

Psychology Departmental Honors -- with highest distinction (2016)   

Kauffman Entrepreneurial Scholar (2015-2016)

Wilder Trustee Scholar (2011-2015)

NIH Summer Internship (2013)