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Ashleigh Maxcey

Senior Lecturer and Research Assistant Professor

Dr. Maxcey has diverse teaching and research experience at two Big Ten universities (the University of Iowa and The Ohio State University), a small liberal art university (Manchester University), a historically black university (Tennessee State University), and a private research university (Vanderbilt University). She has been spending her summers in Nashville teaching in the psychology department at Vanderbilt since 2012 and joined the Vanderbilt faculty full time in the fall of 2019.    

In 2014 Dr. Maxcey’s lab established a paradigm to study the forgetting of information, termed recognition-induced forgetting. Recognition-induced forgetting occurs when recognizing an object, from a group of objects learned at the same time, leads to worse memory for objects from that group that were not recognized. This forgetting effect is commonly accompanied by improved memory for recognized objects. Advantages of this paradigm include that it is possible to test memory of young children using visual objects before they can read, it allows for testing of multiple types of stimuli, and it can be used with animal models. The Maxcey Lab is currently using behavioral, transcranial direct-current stimulation, and electrophysiological techniques to understand how this forgetting phenomenon operates. 


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