The Laboratories for Innovation in Global Health Technologies (LIGHT)


Program Overview

LIGHTType: Vanderbilt Initiative Award (ViA)Diagnostic methods for global health are critical. Existing methods fail to meet the need, either because they are not accessible to health care workers in the developing world or because they are not affordable. A major challenge is to translate research into affordable technologies at the periphery of the health care system. Developing cost-effective diagnostic tests for use in low resource settings requires technology developers to engage with the clinical needs of the patients at early stages in product development. The Laboratories for Innovation in Global Health Technologies (LIGHT) brings together faculty from the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Engineering and Medicine to address these challenges. LIGHT focuses on the development of affordable, portable, easy-to-use diagnostics with a user-oriented perspective that focuses on the needs of those with the greatest burden of disease. Research and coursework will be integrated to train a generation of undergraduate and graduate students with the skills and motivation to bring health care advances to patients with the greatest need for them.

Faculty Participants

Lead Faculty in bold

School of Engineering

  • Rick Haselton, Professor of Biomedical Engineering
  • Cynthia Paschal, Associate Dean of the School of Engineering & Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering

College of Arts & Science

School of Medicine

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