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David Cliffel



Multianalyte Microphysiometry
Analytical chemistry often leads the forefront of scientific discovery, as new instrumentation allows us to perform new experiments. Our group has created multianalyte microphysiometry by combining microfluidic technologies with electrochemical detection to study the dynamic behaviors of metabolic pathways. We are developing new multianalyte microphysiometry methods with applications in cancer, diabetes, and toxicology. We have added electrochemical detectors for many metabolic analytes into the microfluidic chamber to give a complete dynamical picture of the live cell population.

Nanoparticle Biomimics
The ability to mimic biomolecular recognition requires the generation of nanoscale structures that faithfully reproduce the lock & key motif of protein binding. We have designed biomimics that present targeted linear and loop peptide structures on the surface of monolayer protected gold nanoparticles. These biomimics are useful for calibrating immunoassays, especially in our immunosensor work with the quartz crystal microbalance.

Electrochemistry on the Nanoscale
Electron transfer in nanometer-size chemical systems is an important process for the creation of macromolecular electronics. We are interested in the electrochemistry of metallic nanoparticles, redox proteins like Photosystem I, and other electroactive nanomaterials that bridge the gap between bulk solids and discrete molecules in the development of electronic devices using nanotechnology.