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The goal of the Performance & Risk Assessment Community of Practice (PRACOP) is to foster exchange of information regarding preparation of performance assessments and risk analyses in support of environmental decisions across agencies and practitioners; enhance consistency in the preparation of P&RAs across the DOE; and to develop appropriate peer guidance and/or recommendations for P&RAs such that they are based on sound science and are defensible (see Interagency Performance & Risk Assessment Community of Practice Charter).

An interagency steering committee was expanded in August 2013 to guide the activities for the PRACOP.

DOE EM sponsored the Performance Assessment Community of Practice in 2009 to:

  • Provide means to address consistency early and throughout PA process;
  • Foster early and sustained communication among CERCLA, NEPA, RCRA, and DOE O 435.1 activities involving LLW, tank closure, and D&D;
  • Provide a forum to share information regarding state of the art and specific models, data and approaches; and
  • Serve as an enduring data and modeling resource to minimize duplication of effort across DOE and train future generation of PA professionals

In late 2013, the group was broadened as PRACOP to emphasize: