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2010 Technical Exchange – Annual Meeting held on April 13 – 14, 2010 in Richland Washington

Performance Assessment Community of Practice
Technical Exchange 2010
April 13 – 14, 2010
Richland Washington

List of Attendees

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

7:30 am – Registration

8:00 am – Welcome and Introductions

S01 – Overview of EM-30 Integrated Program, Steven Ross (US DOE-31) (Video)
S02 – 435.1 Update Plans and Modeling Perspectives Martin Letourneau (US DOE EM-41) (Video)
S03 – NRC PA Expectations and Experiences David Esh (US NRC) (Video)10:00 am (Video)


10:30 am – Advanced Simulation Capability for Environmental Management (ASCEM)
S04 – ASCEM Objectives, Planned Applications, and Design Concepts Paul Dixon, Juan Meza (ASCEM Multi-Laboratory Team) (Video)
S05 – General Discussion – ASCEM Plans (Video)

11:45 am Lunch

1:00 pm – Cementitious Barriers Partnership (CBP)
S06 CBP Objectives, Applications and Approaches, David Kosson (Video), Kevin Brown (CRESP/Vanderbilt) (Video), Greg Flach (SRNL) (Video)
S07 – General Discussion Suggestions for CBP and ASCEM (Video)
2:15 pm Break
2:45 pm – Example Modeling Applications
S08 – Modeling of Engineered Systems in the Vadose Zone Greg Flach (SRNL) (Video)
S09 – Modeling Examples from Idaho Art Rood (INL) (Video)
S10 – Modeling Examples from Hanford Jim Hoover (CHPRC) (Video)
S11 – General Discussion (Video)
5:30 pm Session End

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
8:00 am

S12 – SRS CA and Cover Modeling Considerations Mark Phifer (SRNL) (Video)
S13 – RESRAD-Offsite Applications Jing-Jy Cheng (ANL) (Video)
S14 – General Discussion
9:30 am Break*
10:00 am
S15 – EM Modeling Activities at Los Alamos (LANL) Velimir Vesselinov (Video)
S16 – EM International Program Modeling Activities Boris Faybishenko (LBNL) (Video)
S17 – Summary Discussion to Develop Consolidated Suggestions for ASCEM and CBP (Video)
Noon – Lunch
1:00 pm Concurrent Sessions
S18 – CBP and ASCEM Technical Integration
Breakout Room – (Closed Meeting)
S19 – Topical Discussions
435.1 Update (Video)
Knowledge Center Website (Video)
Other Site Specific Issues (Video)
Priorities for Future PA CoP Activities (Video)

Primary Meeting Room (Video)
3:30 pm – Break
4:00 pm
S20 – Close Out – Summary of Workshop Findings, CoP Plans for the Future (Video)
5:00 pm
S21 – GoldSim Modeling Roundtable (Video)
6:00 pm
Session End

Technical Exchange Meeting 2010 – Risk-Informed Approach for Defining End State for Closure of Remediated Sites (Video Playlist)