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2009 Technical Exchange – Modeling the Performance of Engineered Systems for Closure and Near-Surface Disposal

Performance Assessment Community of Practice

Technical Exchange Meeting

Modeling the Performance of Engineered Systems for Closure and Near-Surface Disposal

Date: July13-14, 2days (followed by CBP test beds discussion, July 15-16)

Location: Salt Lake City (Central Hub location)

With links to Presentations and Meeting Videos


Monday July 13, 2009

Welcome, Introductions, Meeting Objectives – Al Baione (USDOE EM) (Video)
DOE HQ Perspectives on PAs – Martin Letourneau (USDOE Office of Compliance) (Video)
IAEA Activities on Safety Assessment and Radioactive Waste Management – John Rowat (International Atomic Energy Agency) (Video)
Overview of Data and Modeling Considerations for Engineered Features – Roger Seitz (Savannah River National Laboratory) (Video)
Open discussion – Moderator – James Clarke (Vanderbilt University/CRESP) (Video)
Introduction to WIPP and Yucca Mountain Assessment Frameworks (Roger Nelson/Paul Dixon) WIPP Status and PA Intro (Nelson) (Video) // Status of the Repository at Yucca Mountain (Dixon) (Video Unavailable)

Afternoon Session: State of the Practice for Modeling Engineered Features

Approaches used in Assessing Engineered Systems in Geologic Repositories
Yucca Mountain – Neil Brown (LANL) – (Video Unavailable)
WIPP – Frank Hansen (Sandia) – (Video)
Uncertainty Analysis and Integration – David Sevougian (Sandia) (Video)
Open Discussion (Video)

NRC Perspectives on Modeling of Engineered Features – David Esh, USNRC (Video)

Approaches used in Assessing Engineered Systems in Near-Surface Facilities
Performance and Simulation of a Low-level Waste Disposal Vault – Pablo Zuloaga, (ENRESA, Spain) (Video)
Modeling the Engineered Systems for the F-Tank Farm Performance Assessment – Karthik Subramanian (SRR) (Video)
Open Discussion (Video)

Tuesday July 14, 2009

Modeling Release from Different Waste Forms

Glass and Ceramics – Eric Pierce (EM-22/PNNL) (Video)
Cementitious – Greg Flach (SRNL) (Video)
Soils and Sludges – Kirk Cantrell (PNNL) (Video)
Discussion (Video)

Modeling Performance and Degradation of Barriers and Barrier Materials
Liners and Caps – Craig Benson (U.W./CRESP) (Video)
Concrete Degradation (tanks, vaults, etc.) – Sohini Sarkar, Sankaran Mahadaven & David Kosson (VU/CRESP) (Video)
Discussion (Video)

Composite Systems
Modeling Interfaces involving Multiple Engineered Features – John Walton (UTEP) (Video)
Material-environment Interfaces (e.g., concrete-soil interfaces) – Hans van der Sloot (ECN/CRESP) (Video)
PA Modeling at the Hanford Site – Michael Connelly (WRPS) & Marc Wood (CHPRC) – Interfaces Involved in Modeling of Hanford Tanks / Integration of System Components and Uncertainty Analysis: Hanford Examples (Video)
Discussion (Video)

Integration and Uncertainty
Integration of system components and phenomena through multiscale modeling and abstraction: Savannah River examples – Greg Flach (SRNL) (Video)
Cement Barriers Partnership – David Kosson (VU/CRESP) (Video)
Discussion (Video 1) / (Video 2)

Technical Exchange Meeting 2009 – Risk-Informed Approach for Defining End State for Closure of Remediated Sites (Video Playlist)