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Preventive Maintenance

Manager: Chris Preston
Phone: 615-335-1155
Email: chris.preston@Vanderbilt.Edu

Preventive maintenance is the proactive, regularly scheduled work needed to keep buildings and their supporting equipment operating efficiently and extending their useful life. Vanderbilt University is committed to providing proper and timely maintenance on all University owned equipment to maximize efficiency and longevity. The Preventive Maintenance Team was developed to compile information into the computerized maintenance management system, create asset maintenance schedules, and perform the routine and predictive maintenance on of new and existing mechanical, electrical and plumbing assets and systems.

Unplanned, reactive maintenance can incur many overhead costs, including lost production, extra expense on parts, and time lost to repairing a preventable break. After compiling information gathered from preventive maintenance into a computerized maintenance management system, Plant Operations uses database analysis software to determine data relationships, informational needs, and necessary changes to the maintenance schedule.