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Energy Efficiency and Metering

As a large energy consumer, the Vanderbilt community has a unique opportunity to lower our environmental impact (while saving money) through resource conservation actions such as energy conservation. Vanderbilt currently tracks energy production, energy consumption, electricity purchased, steam generation and distribution, and chilled water distribution among many other data points. Tracking and understanding these metrics allows Vanderbilt to make well-informed decisions on how systems are operating and how they can be improved. Vanderbilt currently meters many of these utilities at the building level and is working towards completing building-level metering on all buildings on campus.

The Energy Efficiency and Metering group is comprised of the campus energy manager, the plant engineer and the direct meter coordinator. This team works with Plant Operations, Campus Planning and Construction and the Sustainability and Environmental Management Office to design, develop, implement, and track energy efficiency initiatives and campus and powerhouse improvement projects as well as develop the Campus Utility Master Plan. Projects range from design of new chilled water distribution to energy saving projects such as lighting retrofits, lighting controls, and steam turbine chiller installations.

The Energy Efficiency and Metering group has a goal of total energy accountability, meaning all utilities are tracked and understood by the Vanderbilt community. Their mission statement is "to promote energy awareness, accountability and conservation to the Vanderbilt community, our institutional peers, and the greater Nashville area. To provide the tools to share energy information, promote an understanding of our consumption and empower every member of the Vanderbilt community to affect change.”

All work orders should be submitted using the ReADY application . For emergency facilities issues please call 615-322-2621.