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Lyft Ridehail Partnership: Detailed Information for Vanderbilt Programs

Vanderbilt University programs and schools that conduct University-sponsored business with Lyft under the General Services Agreement executed on January 20, 2021 must adhere to the following guidelines. The information is provided in training materials and instructions for program leaders to ensure compliance with university policies while utilizing the Lyft Business Portal Dashboard. 

Key information:

  • Lyft program administrators must review the required training before utilizing the Lyft dashboard and creating Lyft passes or concierge rides. 
  • All riders must sign or acknowledge Vanderbilt’s Wavier and Release Form and review the Ridehail Safety Checklist. 
  • No rides for minors, without a parent, guardian or caregiver also riding. There are no exceptions to this policy. 

Vanderbilt Ridehail Waiver and Release Form

A completed Waiver and Release Form must be completed by each rider within your sponsored program. The Waiver and Release Form describes the risks associated with ridehail services and personally identifiable information that may be transferred and stored to conduct ridehail services.

Each rider receiving Lyft rides sponsored by your program must have this Waiver and Release Form on file. Completed waivers and rider information must be kept on file with your sponsored program.

Verifying a Rider’s Eligibility to Use Lyft

It is the VU program’s or school’s responsibility to ensure that riders have completed the Waiver and Release Form, reviewed the Ridehail Safety Checklist, and setup a personal Lyft account prior to using Lyft passes. Riders using concierge rides do not require a personal Lyft account.

Student organizations

Student Affairs has created the RSO Lyft Code Request Form to manage all Lyft code requests for registered student organizations (RSOs). Student leaders can request Lyft codes for their organization members to travel to organizational events that occur off campus.  

The RSO Lyft Code Request Form can be found on the Student Affairs Anchor Link page. Once the request is processed and approved, Lyft codes will be posted in the comments of the approved form submission in Anchor Link. 

Students wishing to use Lyft passes for rides with their RSO must fill out the Waiver and Release in Anchorlink before using the codes.  

For more information on requesting RSO Lyft codes, please visit the RSO Lyft Code Request Process webpage 

Training Information

The following information is provided during the Lyft training and available here for review.