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Designated Ridehail Pick-up and Drop-off Areas FAQ

What is ridehail?

Ridehailing services are services that use online-enabled platforms to connect passengers and local drivers using their personal vehicles. Uber and Lyft are examples.

I heard that the university created designated ridehail pick-up and drop-off areas on campus. Where are they located?

There are now eight designated ridehail pick-up and drop-off areas on campus. The locations include E. Bronson Ingram Circle,  Sarratt Student Center/Rand Hall, Kensington Place outside of the Kensington Garage, the Engineering and Science Building, lot 24 near the Lewis House,  Blakemore House, Crawford House and Hank Ingram House. The locations are marked with signage and are available to select in the Uber and Lyft mobile apps.

Why did the university create designated ridehail pick-up and drop-off areas on campus?

The decision to create dedicated ridehail pick-up and drop-off locations on campus was in direct response to requests from students to improve safety measures around the ridehail process. VUPD conducted research on best-practices from peer universities and have participated in educational webinars as part of the #WhatsMyName campaign to improve ridehail safety and awareness.

How were the ridehail pick-up and drop-off locations chosen?

The pilot locations were identified across campus based on existing ridehail activity and in well-lit areas that can be easily monitored by cameras and Vanderbilt University Public Safety patrols. The locations were designated as safe areas for students and others to use ridehail services.

How do I find a pick-up and drop-off location in the ridehail apps?

The location pins have been added as a drop down menu in both the Uber and Lyft apps. You are also able to input an address or pin location in each of the apps.

Will more areas on campus be designated for ridehail in the future?

This first phase of pick-up and drop-off locations will be monitored, and adaptations or new locations will be added as needed based on data and feedback from the community.

Does Vanderbilt provide any tips or guidelines on how to stay safe while using ridehail services?

Vanderbilt University Public Safety recommends that riders follow these safety guidelines when using ridehail.

Where can I learn more?

Learn more here.