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Wondry Transportation Working Groups

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Following the Chancellor’s Town Hall on Transportation, held on October 28, 2016, more than 90 individuals signed up to participate in Transportation Working Groups. The groups, facilitated by the Wond’ry, included faculty, staff and students from across the university.  Participants were assigned to working groups and met throughout the spring semester of 2017.

The six working groups were charged specifically with formulating actionable steps the university can take related to:

  1. Metropolitan Transit Authority / Regional Transportation Authority (MTA/RTA) bus and train adjustments to better service Vanderbilt;
  2. Vanderbilt shuttle opportunities;
  3. Expansion of Uber and Lyft opportunities on campus;
  4. Expansion of on-campus biking infrastructure and bike programs;
  5. Potential alternative work arrangements; and
  6. Vanpools, carpools and other partnerships.

Each working group was led by faculty and staff from a broad range of disciplines and departments. The leads of the working groups met regularly with an executive team to discuss points of connection and potential collaborations.

Recommendations were submitted by the working groups at the end of April 2017 and many were incorporated into the comprehensive transportation/mobility strategy.


Executive Committee and Working Group Leads

  • Leslie Auerbach, the Wond’ry
  • Mario Avila, Turner Family Center for Social Ventures
  • Gautam Biswas, Computer Science and Computer Engineering
  • Mark Brown, Card Services
  • Pam Brown, Human Resources
  • Malcolm Getz, Economics
  • Jonathan Gilligan, Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Robert Grajewski, the Wond’ry
  • Marie Griffin, Health Policy
  • Eric Kopstain, Administration
  • Jim Kramka, Housing and Residential Education
  • John Manning, VUMC
  • Lindsay Meyers, Biomed Grad Studies
  • Melanie Moran, Communications
  • Mike Perez, Facilities
  • Cindy Pfister, Teaching and Learning
  • Craig Philip, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Cleo Rucker, Human Resources
  • Leigh Shoup, Administration
  • Davis Strange, Public Safety
  • August Washington, Public Safety
  • Gail Williams, Community Neighborhood and Government Relations



Oct 19, 2016: Chancellor’s Town Hall discussing campus, Nashville transportation set for Oct. 28

Oct 31, 2016: Zeppos invites Vanderbilt community to join transportation working groups