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Presentations / Talks

This is an archive of an edited list of Living State Physics PowerPoint presentations.

 (Some of these presentations contain links to video files in different formats.  We recommend VLC media player as it has no issue playing all formats.)

SQUID Measurements of the Rate of Hidden Corrosion - Vanderbilt University

The Electrocardiograph, the magnetocardiograph, ETC

High Speed Fluorescence Imaging of Cardiac Action Potentials: Confirmation of the Doubly Anisotropic Bidomain Model

Novel Insights on the Virtual Electrode Response

Tissue Anisotropy and Re-entry in the Heart

The Physics of the Heart

The Drug-Independent Roles of Cardiac Geometry and Tissue Anisotropy in Defibrillation and Reentry

An Introduction to DNA and Quantum Computers


Magnetic Imaging of Ongoing Corrosion Activity in Aircraft Lap Joints

The Challenges of Spatial Scales in Modeling and Understanding Cardiac Fibrillation

The Magnetocardiogram, Tissue Anistropy, and the Cardiac Bidomain

Analysis of topological charge in electrodynamic systems using Fourier decomposition

Multiphasic, Dynamic, High Throughput Measurements and Modeling for Postgenomic Cellular Biophysics

SQUID Imaging of Exfoliation and Intergranular Corrosion

The Physics of the Heart

Diastolic Activation Dynamics in the Phase Plane

GR for Replacement of Bounded, Decaying Populations

Models and Measurements of the Anisotropic Cardiac Bidomain

Virtual Electrodes

Imaging Hidden Corrosion with SQUID Magnetometry

Vacuum Pair Production/Annihilation and Cardiac String Dynamics

Physics of the Heart (Heinz R. Pagels Memorial Lecture)

Experimental and Computational Requirements for Post-Genomic Integrative Cellular Physiology

Vanderbilt Institute for Integrative Biosystems Research and Education and the Cellular Instrumention and Control Project

Effect of a Plunge Electrode during Field Stimulation of Cardiac Tissue

Challenges of Single Ion-Channel Biosensors

High-Content Toxicology Screening Using Massively Parallel, Multi-Phasic Cellular Biological Activity Detectors MP2-CBAD