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The Ingram Scholars Program sponsors students who demonstrate a willingness and ability to combine a successful business or professional career with a lifelong commitment to finding solutions to critical societal problems. It is distinguished by the requirement that the recipient not only volunteer for community service but also design and implement projects that address significant community needs. The program encourages Ingram Scholars to work with established not-for-profit and business groups and to create projects that become self-sustaining. 

The career goals of Ingram Scholars will represent the full spectrum of business and business-related possibilities, including the professional fields. Upon graduation, these students will become leaders in informed and creative ways. Mentoring undergraduate students, assisting them with summer internships or job placement, and involving others in vital community service are all ways that Ingram Scholars will continue the work they began at Vanderbilt University.
Ultimately, the program seeks to develop an active network of Ingram Scholar alumni who not only continue their commitment to positive social change, but also nurture the social sensibilities of others in their volunteer and professional lives.

The Ingram Scholars Program is a unique and innovative example of how a university can prepare students for responsible careers as well as a lifetime of useful contributions to the well-being of others. If you are committed to positive social change, and if you possess the qualities of maturity, leadership, and initiative, you should consider this challenging and rewarding program.