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Traci Nordberg

Posted by on Monday, June 25, 2012 in June/July 2012.

Traci Nordberg, J.D.

Associate Vice Chancellor and Human Resource Officer

What are the major changes you think will come to Vanderbilt and the Medical Center over the next 10 years?

As the nature of our work changes due to expectations by students, patients and others, we will be challenged to gain new skills and tap into abilities that we may not have needed before. Whether it is being more analytical or collaborating across job types, we will need to know how to work effectively with people who are different from us—background, gender, age, nationality, etc. Our health and vitality will be critically important. The workforce is aging and we need to work together to improve health choices and reduce stress.  Being flexible and able to make decisions that are based on evidence and can be put into action will be necessary.

What is happening now at Vanderbilt that has a chance to have impact all over the world?

We are a great place to work and an attractive destination for talented people all over the world. Not only do we provide a stable and supportive environment at the local community, but thousands of people seek employment with us from the surrounding states, across the country and the world. Our discoveries, innovation and great practices are noticed, and even when someone moves to a role outside of Vanderbilt, they carry our name and the excellence with them.

What are the biggest obstacles or challenges Vanderbilt and the Medical Center will face in the next 10 years?

Continuous change will face us on many fronts—competition, regulation, increased expectations by those we serve, tight economy, complexity of our environment. Being ready and able to tackle those challenges takes a strong culture and agility to adapt as new challenges face us. We’ll have to prepare ourselves to constantly monitor and measure how we’re doing so that we are using our resources and time as good stewards of the university.

What are your hopes for Vanderbilt and the Medical Center in the next 10 years?

I would like to see us continue to modernize technology and other tools and resources so that our employees have what they need in time to serve our mission. Vanderbilt will continue to build on its success and draw and retain talented people and we will be known as a leader in education, health care and research, done effectively and efficiently by people who love being here and are engaged in the work.

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