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What are your top three reasons? Tell us!

Posted by on Monday, May 2, 2011 in Editor's Column, Issue, May 2011.

This special issue of House Organ is devoted to reasons why Vanderbilt is a great place to work.

We all have our own reasons, don’t we?

What are yours? We want to know.

Those of us with college-age children wake up in the morning thankful that Vanderbilt has a tuition benefit.

If you’re a sports fan, you like the fact that you can get discount tickets to football, baseball and basketball games.

Health Plus members enjoy a free workout facility on campus.

In these times of rising gas prices, the fact that Vanderbilt subsidizes regional bus and train fares, and lets people ride city buses for free to and from work is a big money saver for some of us.

For me, I think the Vanderbilt retirement plan, with its available 5 percent match, is a great benefit.

As I wrote here last month, I love the fact that Vanderbilt’s Dyer Observatory and its telescopes are open to the public.

I think the Masters of Liberal Arts and Science is a great graduate program, and am proud to be one of its graduates.

It goes on and on.

So I want you to go online to and write your top three reasons why you think Vanderbilt is a great place to work.

But here’s one thing I know: even in a list as extensive as the one in this issue, there are some things that have been left out that are important to other people. Maybe even you.

So, if you have a reason that we’ve left off, tell us!


  • T Liebergen

    May 8th, 2011

    The Vanderbilt Community Giving Campaign is alluded to in the “being involved in things that matter,” but it is much more than United Way. Even for those who choose not to donate, their lives can be enriched by learning about the recipient organizations. Many Vanderbilt people directly benefit from the recipient organizations.

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