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Life is a Classroom

Posted by on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 in Features, Issue, May 2011.

Tuition discounts for employees and spouses—Spouses of staff and faculty members can receive a 47 percent tuition discount. This applies to a single three-hour course per semester, including a fourth hour for lab, if applicable, provided they are not pursuing a degree and are not enrolled in a full-time program.  Classes must be attended at Vanderbilt. Staff members receive a 70 percent tuition discount for one course per semester. The course doesn’t have to be job-related, and can be in pursuit of a bachelor’s, graduate or professional degree. So you can work here and pursue your education at the same time.

Free course auditing for staff and faculty—Eligible staff members may audit one Vanderbilt course per semester and tuition will be waived, provided the staff member has the instructor’s and the supervisor’s written permission to attend. No credit is given for audited classes. 322-8330.

Help with courses at other institutions—The Vanderbilt tuition reimbursement is not just limited to Vanderbilt. It also applies if, with your supervisor’s approval, you take a job-related course at another accredited institution. If you get a C or better in the course, 70 percent of your tuition (up to 70 percent of the equivalent Vanderbilt tuition, whichever is less) will be refunded. If the course is job-related, you get a tax benefit, too. What is “job-related”? Check with Human Resource Services. 322-8330.

Craft classes and work areas—Classes in crafts and arts such as photography, pottery making, jewelry-making and weaving are available at Sarratt Center, as are facilities, such as a darkroom and a pottery room. 343-0491. 

Training and Organization Development classes—Human Resource Services’ division of Training and Organization Development conducts classes that help people who work at Vanderbilt learn new skills and further career goals. Sample classes: Making Meetings More Effective, Effective Project Management Skills, and the ever-popular Dealing with Difficult Behaviors. 322-8320.

Holocaust Lecture Series—Vanderbilt hosts the longest continuous Holocaust Lecture Series at any American university. Every year a group of theologians, philosophers, historians, artists and Holocaust survivors bring their perspectives to examining and remembering this stain on human history. Remembering is the first step to making reality the cry, “Never again.” 322-2457.

Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Series—The MLK Series, as it’s fondly known, has lectures and events designed to educate the Nashville and Vanderbilt communities about King’s life and legacies of peace, justice and equality. 322-2457.

Vanderbilt Police educational programs—The VUPD’s office of Crime Prevention provides educational programs on a variety of topics to the Vanderbilt community. Whether your office or group wants to know about personal safety, the Rape Aggression Defense System, travel safety, or other security related topic, they’ve got you covered. 322-2558.

Master of Liberal Arts and Science program—MLAS is a degree program for working adults. Classes meet one night per week, one class per semester, and are taught by some of the best professors at Vanderbilt. After completing the program, students get to put on the cap and gown and put a Vanderbilt Master’s degree on the wall. And with the staff and faculty discount, MLAS classes are a good deal, too. 343-3140.

GED class help—Vanderbilt will pay the GED exam fees for any employee or their immediate adult family members (benefits-covered spouse/certified domestic partner and dependents). A list of local GED programs is available. 936-8823.

Courses for leaders and managers—The HR Leadership Foundation series provides every supervisor with the necessary tools to build a successful supervisory foundation. Participants will enhance their skills in attracting and hiring new staff, developing and coaching staff, managing performance and behavior and reducing legal and employee relations problems. 322-8320.

Life Phases Series—Presentation series designed to help support the quality of work life by providing programs to help manage areas of our lives other than work. 343-8943.

Vanderbilt Dance Group—Classes in all kinds of dancing–ballet, modern, tap, ballroom, even line dancing–are offered to staff, faculty and students.  322-6400.

The Career Ladder Training Series—Work/Life Connections-EAP offers this series and is great for anyone wanting to sharpen their customer service skills and ideal for front line staff. Class topics include: Handling Anger, Resolving Conflict, Multi-Generations and Communication Differences and others. 936-1327.

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