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100 reasons why Vanderbilt is a great place to work

Posted by on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 in Features, Issue, May 2011.

compiled and written by Wayne Wood, with Leslie Hill, Rhonda Kelley and Stacey Kendrick

Vanderbilt University is a great place to work. There are a lot of reasons for this, and that’s what this list is about.

Vanderbilt, the largest private employer in Nashville, combines great benefits, the cultural advantages of a major university, and the financial clout that makes staff and faculty coveted customers for local retailers.

Every item on this list is available to a substantial number of us—although not everybody is eligible for everything. Some things are only for full-time people, some things have other restrictions, and, obviously, if you don’t have children, the children’s tuition benefit isn’t of much interest to you. But generally, these are things that lots of us are eligible for and can use to save money, learn, get healthier and improve our lives.

Some of the items listed are only for Vanderbilt people; some are Vanderbilt programs that are available to both people inside and outside the institution; some are community programs or businesses that offer special deals to Vanderbilt people. And some are sort of intangible items that fall somewhere beyond this classification, but seem to belong on the list anyway.

But the bottom line is, these are all reasons, some large, some small, that contribute to Vanderbilt being a great employer.

Weasel words

Which brings us to a very important part of this introduction, the weasel words:

Weasel words, part one: This is NOT a list of EVERY reason why Vanderbilt is a great place to work. You may have reasons in mind that are not on this list. That’s great, and we’d like you to go to our website and join the conversation by telling us what your reasons are.

Weasel words, part two: We have tried to be sure that what we say is accurate, but the final decisions about what programs are available to who rest with the people who manage those programs. We provide contact information with most items so that you can ask questions or check with people who know more or who can give you details.

Weasel words, part three: These items are categorized by subject, but are not in any particular order. In a place this big, with all our individual backgrounds and interests, ranking things like they were going to be counted down by Casey Kasem would be impossible, and we didn’t try.

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