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Watch videos of Vanderbilt pets

Posted by on Tuesday, February 1, 2011 in Features, February 2011.

For those of you for whom it’s not enough to see still photographs of Pets of Vanderbilt, several people also submitted links to YouTube videos of pets.

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Peggy Joseph, Informatics Center.

Michael Fischer, Medical Records.

Susan Kevra, Department of French and Italian and American Studies.

Vicky Oliver, Department of Plastic Surgery.

Julie Mavity-Hudson, Cell and Developmental Biology.

“This is my Papillon Spring and my Shiba Inu Kodi playing”:

“This is my husband Eddy Hudson taking our Large Standard Donkey, Satchmo for a walk while our miniature donkey Tinkerbelle looks on”:

Debra Cunningham, Pediatric Cardiology.

You can view Carsyn carrying my bucket back to the house. German Shepherds are not known to be retrievers and are more into balls and sticks…but she loves the bucket!”:

Bucket II: The Sequel:

Walter B. Pegram, III, BS, Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute.

” I made the video using my phone and radio control car.  This is how I exercise my dogs every night.”:

Denise Malone, Center for Molecular Neuroscience.

“Jack terrified of a creepy doll:  (I had to put a cookie by her feet to get him to even approach it!)”:

“Map opening crate to steal food”: