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Biological Safety


Robin Trundy

Associate Director

phone: 343-8918

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Committee Charge:

The Vanderbilt Institutional Biosafety Committee (VU IBC) provides review and oversight of research involving the use of recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules as required by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  The composition and operations of the VU IBC are intended to satisfy the requirements of the NIH Guidelines first and foremost. However, the VU IBC also reviews research activities involving the use of human-derived materials, nonhuman primate-derived materials, agents infectious to humans, animals and plants, and acutely hazardous biological toxins to ensure compliance with other federal regulations and support environmental and worker safety.

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Committee Members:

Faculty (voting)

  • Ethan Lippmann, associate professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, School of Engineering
  • Jenny Schafer, research associate professor of cell and developmental biology, School of Medicine
  • Julián Hillyer (IBC Chair), professor of biological sciences, Arts and Sciences
  • Lisa McCawley, research associate professor of biomedical engineering, School of Engineering

Administrative (voting)

  • Jeanne Wallace (alternate), director of division of animal care, VUMC
  • Katherine Shuster, veterinarian in division of animal care, VUMC
  • Lori Rolando, medical director of occupational health clinic, VUMC
  • Mary Pullias Henderson (alternate), nurse practitioner of occupational health clinic, VUMC
  • Robin Trundy, biosafety officer and associate director, Vanderbilt environmental health & safety

Community members (voting)

  • Robert Loedding, retired
  • Thomas C. Lennon, retired

Ex Officio (non-voting)

  • Andrea George, director of Vanderbilt environmental health and safety, division of administration
  • Anthony Tharp, assistant dean, School of Medicine – Basic Sciences
  • Kevin Warren, senior director of office of clinical and research safety, VUMC
  • Kyle Becker, safety officer (biosafety) in Vanderbilt environmental health and safety
  • Matt Loch, safety officer (biosafety) in Vanderbilt environmental health and safety
  • Ruth Nagareda, manager of compliance, office of audit risk and compliance
  • Scott Bury, director of office of animal welfare assurance, VUMC