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The Office of Risk and Insurance Management supports the university by providing mission-focused risk management and insurance services. We achieve this by:

  1. Understanding the educational, research, service, and business goals of the university.
  2. Using internal and higher education market data to drive trends analysis and risk management strategy and advocating for processes that address risk management.
  3. Evaluating, advising and procuring insurance coverage for the institution as a risk transfer strategy.
  4. Serving as a partner and advisor to university departments and equipping departments with risk-aware skill sets, empowering them to understand the implications in making decisions to assume, mitigate, transfer, or eliminate the impact of risk.
  5. Advising departments on preferred insurance coverage related to contractual agreements between the university and vendors, contractors, or other outside corporations.
  6. Approaching incident claims management by reviewing occurrences with department stakeholders for root causes and contributing factors, applying policy, process, and/or regulatory compliance in our response.
  7. Practicing ethical and just practices in resolution of claims. 

We hope this website assists you in your daily work. See the "Our Services" menu at the top of this page for detailed information. For general Risk and Insurance Management questions, contact us at 615-322-5155 or email

Please note: Workers Compensation claims processing is handled by Human Resources.