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About Us

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Government and Community Relations

photo of Nathan Green        headshot of Sally Parker        headshot of Alex Shea        headshot of Carole Mackey
J. Nathan Green   Sally Parker   Alex Shea   Carole Mackey
Vice Chancellor   Chief of Staff   Director of   Financial Unit Manager
for Government and   email   Business Operations   HCM Specialist
Community Relations   615-322-6560   email   email
email       202-216-4373   615-343-0552
headshot of Schyler Turrin   headshot of Collier Roberts   headshot of Madeline Langub   headshot of Jessica Steen
Schyler Turrin   Collier Robers   Madeline Langub   Jessica Steen
Associate Director,   Project Manager,   Executive Assistant   Communications Strategist
Executive Projects   Executive Projects   email   email
email   email   615-343-2238   615-343-2238
615-875-1027   615-875-1027        
headshot of Jenny Freundt            
Jenny Freundt            
Office Manager            


Federal Relations (Washington, DC)

The Office of Federal Relations advocates on behalf of federal legislation, regulations, and policy that could affect Vanderbilt University. The primary focuses of the Office of Federal Relations are federal support of university-based research in science, engineering, social science, and the humanities; policies related to higher education; and other federal policies that impact the university, such as student aid, tax, high-skilled immigration, and intellectual property issues.

headshot of Christina West         headshot of Heather Bloemhard         headshot of Julie Harding         headshot of Holly Alexander      
Christina West   Heather Bloemhard   Julie Harding   Holly Alexander      
Associate Vice Chancellor   Associate Director   Government Relations   Office Administrator      
for Federal Relations   of Federal Relations   Program Coordinator   email      
email   email   email   202-216-4361      
202-216-4370   202-216-4368   615-343-2238          


State Government Relations

The State Government Relations Office seeks to expand and strengthen partnerships with state leaders to positively impact state policy and represents Vanderbilt University before the Tennessee General Assembly and state government. 

headshot of Daniel Culbreath        headshot of Julie Harding        
Daniel Culbreath   Julie Harding        
Assistant Vice Chancellor   Government Relations        
for State Government Relations   Program Coordinator        
email   email        
615-343-6749   615-343-2238        


Local Government Relations and Community Partnerships

The Local Government Relations team works to foster relationships with local policymakers on important issues affecting higher education and local governance while serving as Vanderbilt’s voice on legislative and regulatory matters. 


headshot of Eben Cathey

         headshot of Lynn Maddox                
  Eben Cathey   Lynn Maddox          
  Senior Director   Special Projects Director          
  Local Government Relations   and County Liaison          
  email   email          
  615-343-8364   615-322-6384          


Community Engagement

The Community Engagement team fosters the fulfillment of human potential by supporting organizations, convening stakeholders, and working to bring Vanderbilt’s people and resources into the community in service of others.

  headshot of Kathleen Fuchs Hritz         headshot of Midori Lockett        headshot of Elizabeth Bumpas      
  Kathleen Fuchs Hritz   Midori Lockett   Elizabeth Garza Bumpas      
  Senior Director,   Chief Community Impact   Community Impact      
  Community Relations   Officer   Officer      
  email   email   email      
  615-343-3094   615-322-4493   615-322-2484      


Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Vanderbilt

OLLI at Vanderbilt helps adults over 50 rediscover the joy of learning and build community through diverse social interaction.

headshot of Norma Clippard         headshot of Chandra Allison      
Norma Clippard   Chandra Allison      
Director   Senior Program      
email   Coordinator      
615-343-0700   email      


Dyer Observatory

Dyer Observatory connects with the greater Nashville community by inspiring student and public interest in science, technology, engineering, math, astronomy, and the arts.

headshot of Billy Teets         headshot of Alex Rockafellar         headshot of Helen Morisette        headshot of Nathan Griffin      
Billy Teets   Alexandra Rockafellar   Helen Morisette   Nathan Griffin      
Director   Outreach and Communications   Events and Operations   Facilities Manager      
email   Coordinator   Coordinator   email      
615-875-3617   email   email   615-875-3616       
    615-875-3613   615-875-3614