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Division Directory

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Government and Community Relations

Nathan Green Headshot        sally-parker        alex-shea        mackey        faith  
J. Nathan Green   Sally Parker   Alex Shea   Carole Mackey   Faith Matthews  
Vice Chancellor   Chief of Staff   Director of Business Operations   Financial Unit Manager   Executive Assistant  
for Government and   email   email   HCM Specialist   email  
Community Relations   615-322-6560   202-216-4373   email   615-343-6434  
email           615-343-0552      


Federal Relations (Washington, DC)

westc         heatherb         collier        holly      
Christina West   Heather Bloemhard   Collier Roberts   Holly Alexander      
Associate Vice Chancellor   Assistant Director   Communications Coordinator   Office Administrator      
for Federal Relations   of Federal Relations   for Federal and State Relations   email      
email   email   email   202-216-4361      
202-216-4370   202-216-4368   615-875-2421          


State Government Relations

danielc     collier        
Daniel Culbreath     Collier Roberts        
Assistant Vice Chancellor     Communications Coordinator        
for State Government Relations     for Federal and State Relations        
email     email        
615-343-6749     615-875-2421        


Local Government and Community Partnerships

Alfred-Deg-II         lynn         midori        luisa      
Alfred Degrafinreid II   Lynn Maddox   Midori Lockett   Luisa Braden      
Associate Vice Chancellor   Special Projects Director   Chief Community Impact   Administrative Assistant      
for Local Government   and County Liaison   Officer   for Local Government      
and Community Partnerships   email   email   and Community Partnerships      
email   615-322-6384   615-322-4493   email      
615-343-0556            615-343-7013      


Community Engagement

LaLonde, Kristine L         midori        bumpas      
Kristine LaLonde   Midori Lockett   Elizabeth Bumpas      
Associate Vice Chancellor   Chief Community Impact   Executive Assistant      
for Community Engagement   Officer   for Community Engagement      
email   email   email      
615-343-8725   615-322-4493   615-322-2484


Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Vanderbilt

norma         chandra             
Norma Clippard   Chandra Allison        
Director   Program Coordinator        
email   email        
615-322-5569   615-322-6511        


Dyer Observatory

teets         rock         helen        griffin      
Billy Teets   Alex Rockafellar   Helen Morisette   Nathan Griffin      
Director   Assistant   Special Events Coordinator   Superintendent      
email   email   email   email      
615-875-3617   615-875-3613   615-875-3614   615-875-3616