Global Safety

The health, safety, and security of students, faculty, and staff are of primary importance to Vanderbilt. The Vanderbilt Office of Global Safety team is here to support and guide you.

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What We Do

  • Prepare Members of the VU Community for Travel
    • Oversee the Vanderbilt travel registration process of all VU-sponsored international travel (undergraduate, graduate, and professional students as well as faculty and staff). Learn More
    • Gather resources from across the university, peer institutions, and government agencies
    • Review travel plans for high risk destinations and/or when there is a significant health or safety concern
    • Provide and consult on pre-departure orientations and trainings for groups across the university
  • Health Insurance, Advising & Consultations
    • Provide individualized health and safety advising and travel consultations for faculty, staff, and all students on issues including mental health support, resilient travel, identities abroad, continued care plans, etc.
    • Coordinate the use of Vanderbilt’s international health and evacuation insurance for travelers abroad. Learn More.
  • Travel Risk Assessment & Management

    In partnership with the Vanderbilt Travel Risk Assessment Committee (VTRAC) we:

    • Assess the safety, security, and preparedness of overseas study abroad and student travel sites
    • Work with travelers to provide location specific risk assessment + create mitigation plans
    • Monitor relevant security updates and alerts from Vanderbilt’s international security provider and relevant government agencies
    • Provide dedicated safety-related guidance and assistance for members of the VU community who are away on VU-sponsored travel

    Learn More About VTRAC

  • 24/7 Emergency + Crisis Response

    We will respond 24/7 to emergency and crisis situations abroad and connect travelers to relevant resources to ensure continuity of care and response.

    Please call us and tell the VU Public Safety dispatcher that you are reporting an issue to VIRT.

    +1 615-322-2745

  • Vanderbilt Incident Response for Travel (VIRT)

    Emergency and non-emergency contact information provided.

    Learn More

  • Vanderbilt Travel Risk Assessment Committee (VTRAC)

    When traveling to areas of significant health or safety concern. 

    Learn More

  • International Travel & Export Compliance

    Information and an International Travel Questionnaire for anyone taking Vanderbilt-owned property, conducting research, or heading to embargoed or high security risk countries.

    Learn More

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Global Safety and Security Team

Isabelle Crist

Isabelle Crist

Isabelle Crist is Associate Director of Global Safety and Security. With over two decades of experience in the field of international education, Isabelle serves as a guide and mentor for undergraduate student travelers. As Associate Director, Isabelle provides pre-departure training and consultation on critical issues related to mental health and physical well-being. Isabelle partners with the Global Education Office and Office of Immersion Resources to ensure continuity of care for all students participating in study abroad or independent research or experiential learning travel.

Isabelle is an active and engaged member of The Forum of Education Abroad and Pulse: International Safety and Security Professionals in Higher Education. Isabelle is bi-lingual in French and English and holds a B.A. from Vanderbilt in Anthropology and Fine Art.

Contact Isabelle Crist, Associate Director of Global Safety & Security

Erin Beeman

Erin Beeman

Erin Beeman is Coordinator for Global Safety and Security. After working through undergrad as a professional chef and substitute teacher, Erin graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a BA in social and political philosophy in May 2019.

After graduation they began a career in the social work field working at a Nashville domestic violence shelter in crisis support services with a focus on domestic abuse, mental health, sexual violence, and substance abuse disorder intervention.  They became a member of the shelter management team and expanded their skill set to crisis intervention policy formation and training before joining the Vanderbilt VPUE team in November of 2021.

Erin maintains a “let’s talk about it” policy and is trained in crisis de-escalation, grounding techniques, personal and family safety planning, and controlled substance overdose intervention. They conducted trainings for local employers who wish to broaden their employees’ knowledge of relationships and sexual health, teach them to navigate crisis situations, or give them tools to support someone they know who may be experiencing a crisis.

Contact Erin Beeman, Global Safety & Security Coordinator

Sabrina Kronk

Sabrina Kronk

Sabrina Kronk is Vanderbilt University Travel Manager, and works closely with the Office of Global Safety to support all travelers. She oversees the university’s managed travel program and serves on the Vanderbilt Incident Response for Travel (VIRT) team.

24/7 Emergency: Office of Global Safety

Please tell the VU Public Safety dispatcher that you are reporting an issue to VIRT.


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