Incident Response

For account compromise, lost or stolen devices, high-risk data compromise, or other unauthorized exposure, report the event here.  Please provide as much information as possible, including the best contact method for follow-up, so that we can move quickly in responding to the incident. 

Below are some examples of reportable IT security incidents: 

  • Took action on a phishing email (e.g., clicked on URL, responded to, provided information) 
  • Compromised user account 
  • Compromised endpoint (e.g., malware, keylogger, ransomware, etc. detected on a user’s desktop, laptop, or other devices) 
  • Compromised server (e.g., malware, unauthorized use/access, unusual activity) 
  • Compromised Vanderbilt-owned websites (e.g., website defacement) 
  • Compromised infrastructure (e.g., router, switch, firewall, ICS device) 
  • Unauthorized exposure of sensitive data (especially high-risk data types) 
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Not sure how to start?

Get in touch if you don’t know where to begin, you can’t find the guidance needed on the website, or if you just want to learn more. The Office of Cybersecurity has subject matter expertise and is here for Vanderbilt community to discuss security questions or concerns.

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