Architecture Review

What is this service?

A security architecture review looks at how information security controls are implemented on and between IT systems to protect them from cyber attack. In reference to computers, software, or networks, it looks at the overall design of the logical and physical interrelationships between components. An architecture review can help identify potential threats and gaps in security, as well as provide a roadmap for implementing protective measures to protect the institution's IT infrastructure.

When do I need the service?

The following are some examples for when this service may be needed:

  • Planning network redesign or expansion
  • Adding critical systems to the network or making substantive changes to an existing one
  • Changing authentication or encryption subsystems
  • Connecting or integrating with 3rd party services via API

How to request the service

Submit a ticket referencing "Security Architecture Review".

Include as much information as possible about the reviews needs, including the best contact method for follow-up.

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Not sure how to start?

Get in touch if you don’t know where to begin, you can’t find the guidance needed on the website, or if you just want to learn more. The Office of Cybersecurity has subject matter expertise and is here for Vanderbilt community to discuss security questions or concerns.

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