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Download David E. Lewis and Jennifer L. Selin ACUS Sourcebook of United States Executive Agencies
by David E. Lewis Jennifer L. Selin (December, 2012)
Download Joshua D. Clinton Replication Data and Code for “Does Advertising Exposure Affect Turnout” (2007. Quarterly Journal of Political Science. 2(2): 27-41. With Scott Ashworth) EER, MDSG
Download Joshua D. Clinton Statute Significance Data from Clinton, Joshua D. and John Lapinski. 2006. “Measuring Legislative Accomplishment, 1877-1994,” American Journal of Political Science 50 (1):232-49. LPP
Download Gbemende Johnson, Bruce Oppenheimer and Jennifer Selin Johnson, Gbemende, Bruce Oppenheimer, and Jennifer Selin. 2012. The House as a Stepping Stone to the Senate: Why do so Few African American House Members Run? American Journal of Political Science, 56:2 (387-399) EER, LLP