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  • 5/21/14  Vanderbilt News - Research at Vanderbilt - Voters overwhelmingly support Tennessee Promise Program with CSDI Co-Directors Josh Clinton and John Geer
  • 5/8/14 Congratulations to CSDI Faculty Affiliates Tracey George, Charles B. Cox III and Lucy D. Cox Family Chair in Law and Liberty, Professor of Political Science, and Director, Cecil D. Branstetter Litigation & Dispute Resolution Program, and Michael Vandenberg, David Daniels Allen Distinguished Chair of Law,Co-director, Energy, Environment and Land Use Program, and Director, Climate Change Research Network of Vanderbilt Law School. Both George and Vandenbergh were honored during an April 30th celebration at the Student Life Center as two of eleven newly endowed Vanderbilt faculty members.
  • 4/22/14  The New York Times cited co-director Alan Wiseman's research today, in a story about Hillary Rodham Clinton's possible nomination for president, and the effect that would have on other women in the race. "When Are Women More Effective Lawmakers Than Men?" (Craig Volden, Alan E. Wiseman and Dana E. Wittmer) was referenced for noting that "while men may choose to obstruct and delay, women continue to strive to build coalitions and bring about new policies." The study was published in the American Journal of Political Science, last year.
  • 02/17/14 Congratulations to Lynn Vavreck (UCLA), a frequent visitor to CSDI and colleague of the co-directors, who has been chosen as contributor to a new website on politics, the New York Times has announced. The new site is set to launch this spring, focusing on demystification of politics, economics, health care, and other issues with research data. This new endeavor is being launched following the July departure of popular blogger Nate Silver to join ESPN. His blog at the Times, "FiveThirtyEight," attracted considerable attention during the 2012 presidential election, when he correctly predicted the outcome for all 50 states. Vavreck's research focuses on the effects of political campaigns, particularly the role that stable structural conditions, such as the nation's economy and partisanship, play in light of campaign activities.
  • 01/17/14  Presidents and Patronage  , a study conducted by CSDI Co-Director David E. Lewis, with former CSDI Postdoctoral Affiliate, Gary E. Hollibaugh and former research associate Gabrielle Horton is the featured research story at Research news @ Vanderbilt, this week. The research examined 1,307 appointments made by the Obama administration in the first six months of his first administration, seeking data about the appointees' education, work history and political involvement. The results will be published in a forthcoming issue of the American Journal of Political Science.

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NYT -In an analysis of the upcoming British general election, Paul Krugman draws on research by Larry Bartels ( to support the claim that voters' "short memories" provide "little or no political reward for good policy."

Tennessean -  Reports "Vanderbilt receives $1M grant to combat child labor." The $1M grant was awarded to CSDI Affiliate Cecilia Mo from the U.S. Department of Labor. 

Washington Post - Larry Bartels asks "Can 'conservative principles' boost working-class incomes?"

Washington Post - Alan Wiseman and Craig Volden outline "The 5 Habits of Highly Effective Legislators."

Tennessean - Latest Vanderbilt Poll showcases Tennesseans' views on abortion, Common Core and Medicaid Expansion

NYT - Larry Bartels has documented that the rich have about three times as much influence as the poor on votes in the United States Senate.

VoxWhy the Israel-Palestine conversation is so polarized -  A 2006 study by Larry Bartels and Chris Achen (Princeton) is referenced. 

Vanderbilt News In 2013, Seigenthaler and author David Maraniss co-led a conversation at the First Amendment Center about the Gettysburg Address to mark its 150th anniversary...

Washington Post  - U.S. presidential election results, for example, can be remarkably and accurately predicted by economic growth preceding the election...

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