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Highlights & Happenings

CSDI Welcomes 2019-2020 Senior Visiting Scholars Damarys Canache and Jeff Mondak

VU poll CSDI is pleased to announce 2019-2020 visiting scholars Damarys Canache and Jeff Mondak are in residence at the department.

Damarys, professor of political science at the University of Illinois and long-time LAPOP collaborator, studies comparative political behavior, especially in Latin America. Her current project examines the nature and consequences of polarized political attitudes in Venezuela.

 Jeff, the James M. Benson Chair in Public Issues and Civic Leadership at the University of Illinois, studies American and cross-national political behavior and political psychology. He is currently developing a conceptual and empirical framework for exploring citizen competence using a task-based approach.

 CSDI Welcomes 2019-2020 Postdoctoral Fellow Shawn Patterson

VU poll CSDI is happy to announce that 2019-2020 postdoc Shawn Patterson has started his appointment. Patterson received his Ph.D. in Political Science from UCLA. His research focuses on the influence of political parties and interest groups in primary elections. The work stems from a larger collaborative project, Parties on the Ground, a multi-method approach to understanding nominations and the composition of political parties.


Oppenheimer Reconsidered Pictures

Oppenheimer Reconsidered was a great success!

maraniss roundtable speech

roundtable roundtable

Oppenheimer Reconsidered

VU pollCSDI is hosting the Oppenheimer Reconsidered conference honoring Professor Bruce Oppenheimer on his retirement this coming April 25th and 26th. Over 30 former student, colleagues, and friends from across the United States will come together to present current scholarship on congressional politics and representation, including elections, institutional rules and norms, institutional change, and the legislative process. A concluding roundtable on future directions in the study of Congress will feature Oppenheimer, former student Frances Lee, David Rhode and Morris Fiorina. MORE

CSDI graduate affiliate Sheahan Virgin receives "Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant" Award

VU poll CSDI graduate affiliate Sheahan Virgin received the College of Arts and Science’s Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award at a college-wide faculty meeting on December 4th. Virgin has taught several courses, the most recent of which, Campaigns & Elections, was a guided independent study course pairing class lectures and discussion with immersive internship experiences in state and local political campaigns and a revise-and-resubmit paper project.





Political Science Undergraduate Student Nicholas Ainsworth Wins Award for Summer Research Project


 Undergraduate Nicholas Ainsworth, who is double majoring in Political Science and Disability Studies, received an award in the Social Sciences division of the Undergraduate Research Fair for his summer research program work. The project, titled “What Determines People's Attitudes Towards Transit?: Examining the Impact of Partisanship, Race, and Unequal Development” explored how people form opinions on transit policies. Among other tools he used data collected in the CSDI sponsored Vanderbilt University polls that examined Nashville residents’ opinions regarding the cities’ transit policy. Congratulations Nicholas!


 CSDI Hosts the New Developments in the Study of Presidential and Executive Politics Conference              hermitage                                                                                                

In June of 2018 co-director Dave Lewis and affiliate Sharece Thrower hosted the inaugural New Developments in the Study of Presidential and Executive Politics Conference. More than 30 presidential scholars from across the world took part in the two-day event the first day of which took place at Andrew Jackson's home the Hermitage. The conference provided an opportunity for researchers from different generations and contexts to engage in formal and informal discussions about their scholarship.


 CSDI Affiliate Kristin Michelitch Named Andrew Carnegie Fellow

Michelitch Affiliate Kristin Michelitch was named an Andrew Carnegie Fellow and awarded $200,000 to support her research on politicians and democracy in Uganda. She was one of 35 fellows named by the Carnegie Corporation of New York to receive grant money to go “toward the funding of significant research and writing in the social sciences and humanities.” Read more

2018 Nashville Poll Released

VU pollCSDI co-directors Josh Clinton and John Geer released the findings of the most recent Vanderbilt poll which surveyed 800 residents of Nashville/Davidson county on issues important to the city.  Read more

CSDI affiliate Alan Wiseman and Craig Volden, University of Virginia Launch The Center For Effective Lawmaking

Wiseman_Volden_capitalOn September 26th, flanked by several present and former members of congress, Wiseman and Volden officially launched The Center For Effective Lawmaking. The Center, a joint initiative between the University of Virginia's Baten School of Leadership and Public Policy and Vanderbilt University, utilizes a data-driven approach to study the causes and consequences of each U.S. Representative's and Senator's ability to advance agenda items through the legislative process into law. The event included a news conference in which Wiseman and Volden revealed the highest-scoring members of Congress in the 114th Congress followed by a panel discussion with legislators describing what it takes to generate legislative accomplishments today.

CSDI co-director Larry Bartels wins Vanderbilt's most prestigious faculty award

VU pollBartels was awarded the Earl Sutherland Prize for Achievement in Research on August 24th during the Fall Faculty Assembly. "Larry is highly regarded as one of the world's foremost scholars of American democracy, " said Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos.  The award was accompanied by a cash prize of $10,000 and an engraved pewter julep cup.  Read more

CSDI is well represented in the July 2017 edition of the American Journal of Political Science

VU pollThe July 2017 American Journal of Political Science has 4 articles written by CSDI directors and affiliates. They include:  "Spatial Models of Legislative Effectiveness" co-written by Alan Wiseman, "To Revoke or Not Revoke? The Political Determinants of Executive Order Longevity" by Sharece Thrower,  "A House Divided? Roll Calls, Polarization, and Policy Differences in the U.S. House, 1877-2011 co-written by Josh Clinton and "Language, Shapes People's Time Perspective and Support for Future-Oriented Policies" co-written by Efren Perez.   

Spring 2017 VU Poll released

VU pollCSDI co-directors Josh Clinton and John Geer released the findings of the most recent Vanderbilt poll to the media via conference call on May 30th. Over 1,004 registered voters in Tennessee were surveyed between May 4 through the 15th. The results revealed that although a majority of Tennesseans still approve of the job President Trump is doing they are much less optimistic about his ability to change Washington for the better..  Read more

The 11th Edition of CSDI Director, Bruce Oppenheimer's book "Congress Reconsidered" has been released.

VU poll Lawrence Dodd and Bruce Oppenheimer released the first edition of "Congress Reconsidered" in 1977 and have consistently delivered the best contemporary work from leading congressional scholars in a form that is both analytical and accessible. "This edited volume is chock-full of thoughtful, empirically-minded essays by respected congressional scholars. It would be difficult to construct a text that is more effective than Dodd and Oppenheimer's in offering such accessible but serious treatments of contemporary issues in the U.S. Congress." Barry Burden University of Wisconsin-Madison.  As in previous editions close to 75% of the contributions in this volume are new and the remainder have been substantially revised.

15th Vanderbilt Poll Released

VU pollCSDI co-directors Josh Clinton and John Geer released the findings of the most recent Vanderbilt poll at a press conference on December 8th. Read more

CSDI Faculty Affiliate Marc Hetherington's books win awards.

VU pollMarc Hetherington's book "Why Washington Won't Work: Polarization, Political Trust, and the governing Crisis" co authored by Thomas Rudolph received the very prestigious Alexander L. George book award of the International Soceity of Political Psychology. Hetherington's previous book "Authoritarianism and Polarization in American Politics" co-written with Jonathan Weiler and released in 2009 received the American Political Science Association's Philip E. Converse Award for an outstanding book published at least five years ago.