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Political Representation: Fifty Years After Miller & Stokes


VU Law

Conference Papers 

"The Beginnings of Representation in America:  The Relationship between Representatives and Constituents in the Colonial Era"  Peverill Squire

"Women Don't Run? Election Aversion and Candidate Entry"   Kristin Kanthak and Jonathan Woon

"The Legislative Median and Policymaking in Multiparty Governments"  Lanny Martin and Georg Vanberg

"Representation in Context: Election Laws and Ideological Congruence Between Citizens and Governments"                    G. Bingham Powell, Jr.  

"Has Joint Scaling Solved the Achen Objection to Miller and Stokes" Jeffrey Lewis and Chris Tausanovitch

"Rewarding Effort, not Results:  How Parties Own Issues Because of Their Priorities, not Their Performance"            Patrick J. Egan

On The Representativeness of Primary Electorates" John Sides and Lynn Vavreck

"What Politicians Believe About Their Constituents: Asymmetric Misperceptions and Prospects for Constituency Control" David E. Broockman and Christopher Skovron

*Slides for presentation