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CSB Cryo-EM Directors receive Research Excellence Award

Posted by on Friday, September 29, 2023 in News.

Left to right: Daniel Diermeier, Melissa Chambers, Scott Collier and Candice Storey Lee (Harrison McClary/Vanderbilt)

Melissa Chambers and Scott Collier were recently recognized with the Research Excellence Award at the 2023 Fall Staff Assembly.

The Cryo-EM co-directors were honored for their research support, which has made a significant impact on the process of discovery and the pursuit of knowledge at Vanderbilt. They created a road map for the future of Cryo-EM at Vanderbilt, provided scientific expertise to acquire the necessary Cryo-EM instruments and did the administrative work of establishing a business model, equipment rates and billing system for this shared resource.

Read more about this special recognition.



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